Video and Web Commercial Productions for Social Media & Influencer campaigns

Where to place BrandBoost production capabilities?

Web commercial production with influencers in thailand

Where does BrandBoost fit into the production landscape? It’s quite easy: On the one side you have amateur videos, shot on a phne or even better gear like a Sony A7S but not handled by a professional so the result looks bad. On the other side you have high level TV commercial and film productions that provide outstanding quality but require larger budgets. BrandBoost does not replace this type of production (which we provide thorugh our sister production company), but it fills the gap between an amateur video and a high level TV production. We often call this type of video web commercials.

We provide good looking and creative videos, often in combination with one or several influencers being part of it. The cost for production are lower than for a full on TV commercial while keeping a good and professional quality level.

Video is the most effective and engaging content for the web and we’ve seen web commercials getting more exposure than TV commercials so time’s are definitely changing. For this new age of web videos, viral videos, web shows and web commercials we strive to provide a solution that fits many different budgets and production requirements.

Below is an example of a web commercial production that we did with influencer Binko for the Asus ZenFone 3. Web commercials do not follow the normal TV commercial specifications such as a 30 second length. For web you can produce a longer version and then have different cuts for different purposes such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

Below is an example for Asus ZenFone3 with influencer Binko:

Next is a video produced for Google/YouTube for the YouTube FanFest 2017 in Bangkok featuring Million Dance Club from South Korea:

And here is another example of a web commercial for Rabbit Finance: